API documentation

This is the API documentation for Tuningservice / Tuning software

List brands

API key and type in querystring

API keys can be obtained by contacting us.

Response = XML

URL: https://api.tuningservice.no/brands.php?apikey=APIKEY&type=TYPE


  • car
  • truck
  • agriculture
  • boat

Example results listing car brands (type = car):

Request: https://api.tuningservice.no/brands.php?apikey=APIKEY&type=car


List models

Username, password and ID from selected brand in querystring

Response = XML

URL: https://api.tuningservice.no/models.php?apikey=APIKEY&ID=BRAND_ID

Example results for brandID 10 (BMW):

Request: https://api.tuningservice.no/models.php?apikey=APIKEY&ID=10


List generation

Username, password and ID from selected model in querystring

Response = XML

URL: https://api.tuningservice.no/generation.php?apikey=APIKEY&ID=modelID

Example results for modelID 34 (BMW 1-series):

Request: https://api.tuningservice.no/generation.php?apikey=APIKEY&ID=34

Note: This will also give you the attribute year_from and year_to on generation.

List engines

Username, password and ID from selected generation in querystring

Response = XML

URL: https://api.tuningservice.no/engine.php?apikey=APIKEY&ID=generationID

Example results for generationID 60 (BMW 1-series E87):

Request: https://api.tuningservice.no/engine.php?apikey=APIKEY&ID=60


Show single engine

Username, password and ID from selected engine in querystring

Response = XML

URL: https://api.tuningservice.no/single_engine.php?apikey=APIKEY&ID=engineID

Example results for engineID 130 (BMW 1-series E87 116i):

Request: https://api.tuningservice.no/single_engine.php?apikey=APIKEY&ID=130



Errors will be shown in XML, one error at a time. If there are multiple errors it will be shown after you fix each one.

Wrong username or password:

Missing ID in URL:

No results:

Vehicle stats - iFrame version

Simple iframe version with all data built in. Customizable language, font and background color.

If you would like some more customizable features, please let us know. This is the first version.

URL: https://api.tuningservice.no/iframe.php

  • API key: apikey
  • Background color: bgcolor
  • Language: Norwegian (no), English (en)
  • Heading color: headcolor
  • Minimum width: 400px
  • Minimum height: 600px
  • The width inside the iframe is the same width as the iframe itself. This allows it so used on both desktop and mobile devices.

Example URL: https://api.tuningservice.no/iframe.php?apikey=APIKEY&bgcolor=000000&lang=en&headcolor=cccccc

Example code:

<iframe src="https://api.tuningservice.no/iframe.php?apikey=TESTKEY&bgcolor=000000&lang=en&headcolor=cccccc" frameborder="0" width="400" height="600"></iframe>